Guide To The Best Fall Festivals In Maryland

Guide To The Best Fall Festivals In Maryland

Fall Festivals are the ones that celebrated during the fall season. Some of the most common fall festivals include Autumn Fest, Mid-Autumn Festival.

If you are a person who is into these kinds of fall festivals, Maryland is the ideal place for you to visit. There are a lot of fall festivals celebrated in this region, and each one is unique in their own way. In this, we will see the best fall festivals in Maryland in detail.

Butler’s Orchard

Butler’s Orchard is a pumpkin festival that attracts a lot of people. There is a lot that needs to be told about this festival. In most of the cases, entry for children is free. The festival happens from 10 AM to 5 PM. We can assure you that you have one of the best times at this festival.

Summer’s Farm

Summer’s Farm is a festival that has hay theme amusement park. It is an ideal place where you spend a great and quality time with kids by indulging in many activities. The whole place is filled with a lot of photo props. One of the things that need a special mention is the apple blaster. You will get a bucket of apples, and you can launch them with a specially made gun.

Milburn Orchards

The important and the main activity in Milburn Orchards is apple picking. But that is not the only activity. Every weekend of the fall season they open their backyard where the kids can indulge in many activities like pumpkin harvest. The harvest weekend and the trick or treat weekend are the most important events.

Weber’s Cider Mill farm

The main activity of the Weber’s Cider Mill Farm is apple and pumpkin harvest. Other than that they open their barnyard throughout the fall season. Some of the interesting events are hillside slides, a boo barn, hay bale maze, hayrides, and tire mountain.

Buppert’s Dorna’s Chance Farm

Buppert’s Dorna’s Chance Farm is a farm that is located in Carroll County. It is one of the ideal places to spend a good time with your family and loved ones. There is pumpkin picking activity and also a fun-filled corn maze ride. There are also some domesticated animals that can be fed. The farm is open almost all weekends of the fall season.

Gaver farm Fall Fun Festival

Gaver Farm is located in Mount Airy. The Gaver farm Fall Fun Festival starts earlier than most of the farm festivals. It starts at the beginning of September and lasts until the first week of November. The festival is very big as there are nearly forty-five attractions that includes, cow trains, jumping pillows, big slides and a lot of other things.

Jumbo’s Pumpkin Patch

This amazing festival happens in Middletown. It has been rated as one of the top ten pumpkin festivals. The festival includes corn maze ride, vendor’s weekend, pumpkin patch and hay rides.




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